Droid Behavior’s D-Node Podcast #286

// Live @ Beta Nightclub Denver, Colorado //


“James Kelley is a DJ, producer, and promoter (Source 20/20) from Dallas, bringing world class talent to the city and taking his own heavy warehouse sound around the continent and abroad. From his DJ sets to his own productions, Kelley keeps things deep, dark, moody, and moving. This 108-minute live recording was taken from his recent appearance at the Beta Nightclub in Denver.”

Workhorse – Jay Zoney
Shuffling Thoughts – Ricardo Garduno
Fear (Luis Flores Remix) – Axkan
Key Requirement – Xtnd
Concealed (Jason Mills Remix) – Chris Craig
Phase Again – Ricardo Garduno
XLR – Flug
Impatience – Virulent
Tenshin – Material Object, Luis Flores, Impact Unit
Trema – Lag
1995 – Hurtado
Interstellar Space Travel (TWR72 Remix) – Justin Kase
Apareo (Lex Gorrie Remix) – Dykkon
Doctrine – Kwartz
Pnigero – A001
Wayfinder – Inland
Rage – Bas Mooy
Adrenalina – Rraph
Rite (Oscar Mulero Remix B) – Kwartz
Ganimedes 02 – Ricardo Garduno
Modul A (MTD Tool Mix) – Felix Lorusso
Burden Of Proof – Ø [Phase]
Follow Me (Xhei Remix) – Stevie Wilson
Good Old Door (Ricardo Garduno Remix) – DJ Ninna V, Pedro Monteverde
Higher Education – Vegim
Shaper – Morgan Tomas
Gyre – Brian Sanhaji
Transcendence On Demand – 14anger & Dep Affect
PRDF001 – Flex, Extra Dry
Distort Function – Pierre Deutschmann
Transporter (Re:Axis Remix) – Petter B
Splinter 1 (Diego Hostettler Mix 1) – Heiko Laux, Diego Hostettler, Rocco Caine
Cotton (Arnaud Le Texier Remix) – Mike Wall
10.2 – Ryuji Takeuchi
Vrill (Miss Sunshine Remix) (Original Mix) – Niereich, XHEI
Gruel – Perc

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