Krenzlin // Silo Podcast Australia

Former Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL) resident Krenzlin, closes out his heater of a mix for the Silo Productions – Melbourne Australia Podcast, with my latest remix for Tunnel which was recently released by Subspec Music.


Dax J-Surrender feat.Cat Yen [Monnom Black]
Sev Dah-Morana [Mote Evolver]
Tensal-Saga 3 [Ownlife008]
Planetary Assault Systems-Rider [Ostgut Ton]
Rvde-Veslar(Mark Broom unreleased remix)
Johannes Volk-Wrong Prophecy [Suburban Avenue]
Flug-Trip02 [FORMAT]
George Tounisidis-Solidarity [Symbolism]
Shkedul-ID86 [Konflkt]
Ocatve One-Greater Good (P.A.S. Remix)
Moddullar-Black Horse (Joton Remix [Newrhythmic Records]
Öcktawian-Chromatic Mute [Parabola]
Subjected-King Behemoth [ARTS]
Doug Cooney-Bias [RLSD Records]
Tunnel-Species (James Kelley Remix) [Subspec]

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