Dallas Observer DC9 at Night Mixtape #65

// Dallas Observer’s DC9 at Night Mixtape #65 // Dallas, Texas //


*Full Interview*


Submerged, Ricardo Garduno – Limited Options(Mr Jones remix)
Xtnd – State of Equation
Endlec – Force of Future
88UW – Through
Material Object, Luis Flores, Impact Unit – Tenshin
Stevie Wilson- Follow Me(Xhei Mix)
Mas Teeveh – State ov Dream
Niereich – Ventricular
Ryuji Takeuchi – 10.2
Octave – E1V(Bas Mooy Remix)
Inland – Wayfinder
Vegim, Fiekitza – No music
Reacted – Interplanetar Phonecall(Extra Dry Version)
Felix Lorusso – Wcyjsu(Flug Mix)
Ninna V – Restless
Bodies in Pawn – Nul(Luis Flores Version)
Morgan Tomas – Unlock
Octave – Rawm
Ryuji Takeucji – Wa

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